Thursday, August 2, 2012

Respectful and Ethical Minds

This week’s topic of the Respectful and Ethical minds was one that I related to very quickly.  As I have mentioned before, I teach at an IB-MYP school.  So much of what we do in our school is related to developing these minds.  One of the biggest connections I thought of was the Learner Profile.  These are ten characteristics that we try and get our students to embody throughout the MYP program.  These characteristics are posted in every classroom and throughout the school, and are part of our school’s vocabulary.  The characteristics are:

·         Caring

·         Communicators

·         Respectful

·         Principled

·         Risk-takers

·         Balanced

·         Inquirers

·         Knowledgeable

·         Open-Minded

·         Thinkers

“Humans exhibit a deep-seated tendency to create groups”, and I think that these Learner Profile characteristics help our students learn how to interact appropriately within their groups (Gardner, pg 92).

In my classroom, I work very hard to help develop respectful and ethical minds.  I teach not only the French language, but I teach about various cultures throughout the French speaking world.  Most of my students have never left the greater Baltimore area, so world cultures are completely unknown to them.  Knowledge of other cultures around the world leads students to understanding and compassion”, and I certainly try to expose my students to other cultures in my class (Reed, 2007).

In her article, Reed suggests the use of e-mail in order to promote global learning.  I would like to try this in my class this coming school year.  My school district has finally approved the use of e-Pals, and I can not wait to try it out!  In speaking with language teachers from other districts that have used e-Pals, they have nothing but praise for the site.  They have linked up with classes throughout the world, and exposed their students to other cultures.  It also provides a wonderful way for students to communicate in French.

Another project I would like to do that promotes global learning is podcasting.  Getting my students to communicate orally in French is a struggle.  I think that they would be excited to create podcasts, and would therefore be more willing to speak in French.  If I can link up with a classroom through e-Pals, my students could share their podcasts with other students throughout the world.  It would also be exciting for them to hear podcasts from their e-Pals.

My school certainly promotes developments of our students’ respectful and ethical minds.  The IB-MYP curriculum framework is very much geared towards global learning and character development.  There are many exciting things that I would like to try in my classroom to help promote these goals.


Gardner, H. (2007). Five Minds for the Future. Harvard Business School Press: Boston, MA

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