Sunday, July 29, 2012

Project 2: Glog

Here is the link to my Glog: Click Here

I have looked at many Glogs before, but this week’s assignment was my first time creating my own Glog.  I must say that I am now LOVING Glogster, and can not wait to use it with my students in the coming school year!  I think that the possibilities for its use are endless, and I know my students will thoroughly enjoy creating their own Glogs.

This Glog that I created would be used at the end of Unit 2 for my 6th grade French IA class.  The last two topics of Unit 2 are the date and the weather.  This Glog could be used as a review for these topics for the whole class, or as a differentiated activity for students that need more review and practice.  I was lucky to find a video on Discovery Education that addressed both the weather and dates.  There are not many videos on Discovery Education about French vocabulary and grammar, but luckily this “Standard Deviants” series is fantastic!

The Maryland Voluntary State Curriculum Standards this Glog addresses are as follows:

1.2.A.c. Demonstrate understanding of developmentally appropriate information gained through active listening or reading by applying it to a different context.

1.3.A.a. Write and deliver short descriptions about very familiar topics of personal interest.

2.2.A.d. Identify countries, regions, and geographic features where the target language is spoken

4.1.A.d. Compare and identify the use of idiomatic expressions between the target language and English

Standard 1.2.A.c. is addressed by the Discovery Education assignment, as well as the review games.  Students have to watch and listen, and then apply what they learn.  Standard 1.3.A.a. is addressed in the writing portion of the assignment.  2.2.A.d. is addressed by having students write about the weather in a French speaking country.  They would need to find out where the city is located, as well as the general climate.  Standard 4.1.A.d. is addressed by reviewing what is taught in class about the structure of the dates and weather.  The format for both of these is quite different from English. 

Using Glogster in my class will help  my students develop their creating minds.  “The challenge to the educator is to keep alive the mind and the sensibility of the young child” (Gardner, pg. 84).  I think that an assignment using Glogster will help to do just that.  My students will be excited to make Glogs, because they will enjoy the opportunity to be creative in showing what they know.  More and more in the world, creativity is  “sought after, cultivated, and praised” (Gardner, pg. 77), and Glogster is a wonderful tool to encourage creativity!

Gardner, H. (2007). Five Minds for the Future. Harvard Business School Press: Boston, MA.

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